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ideas for balanced classes

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ideas for balanced classes

Post  essedes on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:34 am

i want to write down some of my ideas i don't want to offend any of your tries in order to build this server.
>>some classes such as pp/sws/bd/ee/se/wc/dwarf are a bit useless because of the npc.(buffers)
so i am suggesting to become a bit modified so they can be more balanced if someone wants to play any of these classes.
for example
-pp/se can play with fists or rapier (adding some extra skills depending on the weapon) etc.
-ee can play as mage with a magic skill (as damaging) or as support class (like bishop)
-bd , in this class can be added some damaging skills(such as rushing skills, for more pvp) also in sws
-gladi , i think that this class needs a bit boost in their damage and decrease reuse time in their skills not to become op just a bit more challenging.
-dagger classes, decrease reuse time of their skills
-tank classes, i would like them to become more effective in tanking and less effective in killing.
-dwarf classes need some changes in order to become more usefull.
in general these are my ideas for the classes of a modified server i can say more specific things if it is needed.
if i can be of any help i will be glad to do it.
thnks for your time and i rly don't want to offend someone.just saying my ideas.

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Re: ideas for balanced classes

Post  Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:50 am

your ideas are great and i will use you for some helping that im gonna need during class balances! thanks for the good suggestions
i will take care of them ofcourse!

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