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Bugs and some reports.

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Bugs and some reports.

Post  abs0lut on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:10 pm

Green=Not very important fix for now Yellow=Important fix for now Red=Very important fix for now

  • As i have already said current time and current day of the server are wrong.

  • Moreover territory wars and sieges at fortress doesn't work.

  • It supposed that it is a chance of 50% that guards in fortress will drop Knight's Epaleutte but it doesn't!!!

  • NOW..the systemtextures of the server has a problem because guards/npc/players can hit through the wall.This is a bug wall and it exists in olympiad,at fortress,at sieges,at catacombs,at rift.

  • When heroes die accidentaly they lose their hero status,hero glow,hero skills and hero need to make a restart to re-gain hero status etc etc.

  • Certification skills from sub-class doesn't work

  • Accesories give some ++ at characters stats.If you can please write on the items description what exactly stats it gives.

  • At client gracia final players can enchant and skills from 3rd class but here we can't..why???

  • Many many forgotten scrolls are missing from the olympiad manager.(expose weak point,dual dagger mastery,hide.sixth sence and many other forgottenc scrolls from other classes.

  • The reduse time of inventory is really ridiculous.We cant even use cp potions..200 cp restore every 6 seconds????WTF??

If i find something else i will let you know it.Thanks and try to fix them please Very Happy

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